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zacronos's Journal

Joe Ibershoff
24 February
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I will put more here later. I used to have a lot here, but then I stopped updating my LJ, and so at long last I decided to delete my bio until I start updating again, which I have every intention of doing at some point.
a capella, absurdity, acting, anarchy, ancestry, animals, artificial intelligence, artificial life, awareness, baubles, beekeeping, being crazy, biking, blades, blue, boobytraps, books, bright colors, camping, cats, caverns, challenges, chaos, cheese, cloak and dagger, collapse of civilization, community, composting, computers, cooking, costumes, cutting the gordian knot, cyac, daydreams, decentralization, dissidence, dreams, eccentricity, emergence, emotion, escher, eureka!, fair trade, fantasy, fencing, flames, food, foreign policy, forests, fresh perspectives, friends, gadgets, garlic, gelegentlich verwenden deutsche wörter, going feral, gonzo, grover, gödel, happy hardcore, harmony, hidden daggers, hidden treasure, hiking, hobbit-holes, ibershoffs, illogic, insight, intellectual self-defense, intelligence, interesting last names, international food, introspection, intuition, joe-sense, kentucky, kittens, laughing loudly, learning, life, lightning, logic, making a difference, malkavians, martial arts, mathematics, monty python, mountains, nature, nonsense, nutrition, order from chaos, orion, paradox, paranoia, powers of 2, pranks, preparedness, problem-solving, procrastination, randomness, rebuilding civilization, robots, rpgs, saving the day, saving the world, secret chambers, secret passages, simple living, singing, sleep, snow, social concern, spontaneity, star wars, stargazing, stars, staves, stealth, strategy, sunsets, super grover, super joe, survival, sushi, swing dancing, synchronicity, tactics, tasty food, teaching, techno, the emotion brigade, the ocean, thinking, thunder, thunderstorms, tie-dye, tieing the gordian knot, tinkering, trees, trinkets, trombone, ultimate frisbee, untried food, walking, white christmases, zero